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5 Ways to Recalibrate Your Space for 2020

  1. Refresh your bed and bath with new organic sheets and towels. We might be biased here at Farm to Home, but getting tucked in with our Sweet Dreams 400-thread count organic cotton sateen sheets is a great way to kick off the year. After all, we spend ⅓ of our lives sleeping. Dream better and heal the earth by choosing certified organic bed and bath textiles.
  2. Don’t throw away what you replace. Old sheets can be donated if they are still in working order. Alternately, tired sheets can be torn into squares for dusting, repurposed into dust covers for bicycles & small appliances, or even remade into simple, reusable bulk food bags. Old towels, on the other hand, are a welcome donation at your local animal shelter.
  3. Bring nature inside. Add new plants or repot & rearrange your current collection. Consider a new ceramic plant pot or paint one you already own. Clear off windowsills and other surfaces by hanging some of your favorite plants. We love this DIY macrame plant hanger tutorial.
  4. Smudge. (What?) Well, if you don’t know, now you know: the burning of dried sage is an indigenous practice used to cleanse spaces of negative energy. For those who may feel wary of setting herbs alight in your home, there is some science behind this ritual. Studies have shown sage smoke to be both antibacterial and antiseptic, reinforcing the positive impacts of smudging.
  5. Let your light shine in. This time of year can be tricky due to shorter days and longer nights. Try minimal window dressings to keep your winter light glowing and spruce up your bed and bath space with calm, yet cheerful hues. For ideas, check out our @farmtohomeorganics Instagram feed.

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