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Work is Love Made Visible

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in love with India. She feels like my mirror: full of energy, vivid colors, and passion. Anyone who knows me can see the connection. I am constantly swirling from place to place, bringing my creative vision, high vibration and optimism to the many (many, many) projects in motion at any given time. 

Because I see the reflection of my true self when I’m there, visiting our partners in India genuinely fills my cup. I feel whole when am, quite literally, touching the soil and connecting to the lives of the growers and sewers that bring the Farm to Home collection to life. In those moments, the synergy between all of the interconnected pieces of the organic supply chain puzzle are there in front of me, and my intuition guides my decision-making.

My favorite quote is, “Work is love made visible” by Kahlil Gibran, because if you love your work, then it isn’t work, it’s love. That’s how I feel about Farm to Home. Sharing it with you feels like giving a great big hug. Thank you for joining in my vision to co-create a green, chic and healthy planet.

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"Looking and feeling fabulous shouldn’t come at the expense of living in harmony with the environment."

- Washington Life