Leading with sophisticated design, high quality, and full transparency, Farm to Home offers affordable, authentic, and accessible organic home textile products for today's conscious consumer.

Our mission is to bring sustainability to the forefront without sacrificing design, comfort, quality, and accessibility. Farm to Home® is a story of comfort, style, and sustainability that benefits both people and planet.


Check out our cozy, affordable, and eco-friendly home products. Made of organic cotton, these items are the perfect way to layer your bed in luxury and comfort all while feeling good about your conscious, good-for-the-planet purchase.



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Marci Zaroff


MARCI ZAROFF coined the term and pioneered the market for “ecofashion” and is an internationally recognized ecolifestyle entrepreneur, educator, and expert who keynotes globally on organic/sustainable textiles, strategic creative vision, social innovation, green business/design, and the rise of the millennial generation.

Our Sustainability Commitments

We believe that what you put against your skin impacts your wellness, and how textiles are made changes the earth we walk on, and the air we breathe. Here's a deeper look at our sustainability practices.

1. Regenerative & Biodynamic Farming

Our organic farm project is the heartbeat of Farm to Home. By using regenerative and biodynamic farming techniques, we can restore depleted soil so that it traps carbon and fights global warming.

2. Accountability

We certify our products to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to ensure our products are sustainable from seed to skin. That includes using low impact dyes that save water and resources.

3. Women's Empowerment & Fair Trade

We are committed to fair wages, empowering female farmers, sustaining their local communities, and no child labor. Over half of our workers are women, so our choices impact them most.

4. Traceability

We’re working to track each of our product’s origins – from seed to skin, using blockchain technology. Scan the QR code sewn into your favorite Farm to Home styles to learn more!