5 Ways FARM TO HOME is Changing the World, One Home Product at a Time

5 Ways FARM TO HOME is Changing the World, One Home Product at a Time

That seems lofty! Changing the world while changing our sheets? Really?! Absolutely! Here's how our business lifts people AND planet:

1) Holistic respect for global workers

Fast fashion businesses prioritize low prices and quick production, causing byproducts like forced & bonded labor, child labor, unpaid overtime, illegal subcontracting and breaking of fire codes. Because FARM TO HOME products are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard, we can ensure the people who grow the fiber, spin the yarn, dye the cloth and sew the products are paid a living wage and work in safe conditions. Each facility within the supply chain is inspected by independent, accredited bodies to meet stringent social and environmental standards. Wellbeing is a human right, regardless of where on this planet we dwell.

2) Environmental resilience through regenerative organic farming

Did you know that regenerative organic farming can actually REVERSE climate change? That's right, by looking after our soil, aka the skin of the Earth, we can sequester carbon and provide extra income for farmers. You see, regenerative practices use a variety of strategies, such as low or no-till to keep the carbon in the soil where it belongs, reduce runoff, and protect nutrient-rich organic matter. By crop rotation, farmers diversify their income streams AND have the added benefit of selling off biomass at the end of the harvest instead of burning fields, thus reducing air pollution. That's just the tip of the organic iceberg. To learn more about regenerative organic farming, check out the Rodale Institute.

3) Making a wellness lifestyle affordable

Textile products can change hands 7-10 times before they reach us, a financial transaction at every pass-off. By streamlining our supply chains and reducing the number of middlemen, we are able to keep our prices affordable and our supplier relationships strong. The more people who have access to participating in living and dwelling organically, the better we can transform peoples lives, the soil, and our world. Everyone should be able to participate in positive global change.

4) Encouraging safe indoor environments

It's more important than ever to rethink our indoor environments as we continue to spend more time in our homes. Our living spaces are quite literally our sanctuaries-- protecting us from the threats that lie out of doors. We spend 1/3 of our lives asleep in our beds, and another large percentage awake in our homes. By choosing certified organic textiles, we can regenerate healthy cells on pure cotton overnight and optimize a holistic lifestyle during the day. For daily wellness tips, be sure to follow us on Instagram.

5) Raising awareness around mindful living

We don't just want to sell you sheets, towels and throws. At FARM TO HOME, we know textiles are just one piece of the wellness equation. There's a saying: Energy flows where our attention goes. By becoming more mindful of our actions and our choices, we have the power to direct energy to what we want, instead of allowing it to be sucked from us, passively. We make choices every day that can lift ourselves, our families, and people around the globe. We can heal what's broken in the world simply by directing our love and attention to the causes we believe in.

We are dedicated to high quality, certified organic home collections that are transformative on every level-- from the lives of farmers in India, to our customers' quality of sleep. Thank you for choosing to learn more about our commitments!

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