Value AND Values

Value AND Values

Organic food and fashion have not always been so easy to find and afford. No one should have to sacrifice anything when it comes to shopping—especially their values. Marci Zaroff, our founder, has spent her career building organic brands that are price competitive with conventional brands. She’s committed to changing the consumer’s question of  “Why organic?” to “Why not organic?”

Now that organic products are finally accessible, it’s hard not to justify choosing organic. Perhaps in the past, we needed convincing on why we should choose organic—it was pricier and impossible to visually distinguish between conventional and organic. Now, we’d need convincing not to choose it. With reliable certification—the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for finished textile products, we add transparency and authenticity to the organic story. What’s more, we finally have size inclusivity and affordability—busting the stigma that sustainability movement is only for an elite few. 

This all seems well and good for a business—to be able to offer an added value to a consumer in order to sell more things and make more money. But in fact, what drives a lot of sustainable business entrepreneurs is the potential for global change. The more people who have access to shop sustainably, the more soil we can restore through regenerative organic agriculture. Healthy soil is integral to biodiversity and climate change resilience. The more people who can join the organic movement, the more positive impact there is on farming communities, their local environments and their livelihoods. And the more people who reject products that rely on toxic synthetic pesticides, the more we can ensure the safety of our air, soil and water for future generations. It’s truly a win-win-win for everyone involved. 

For us, it’s not only about a beautiful blanket or blouse or luxurious sheets. Yes, these are things we want and need in our lives. They excite us and feel good against our skin. But deep down, organic fibers weave a more meaningful story of a bright future—one that restores, supports and strengthens the systems that we all need to thrive. 

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